How To Keep Seniors Safe During Pandemic - COVID 19 Care Tips

How To Keep Seniors Safe During Pandemic - COVID 19 Care Tips

When it comes to COVID 19, older people are more vulnerable to the risk of infection. If you care for the old ones in the family, you might be worried. But how long will you stay at home? There are situations when leaving home and interacting with others is necessary. At the same time, the more you visit outside, the more you interact with others, the higher the risk of COVID-19 infection. Practise social distancing but not social-isolation.


In this pandemic time, it is very essential to understand the potential risks of COVID-19 and how to lessen the risk of spreading it. Here, we are sharing what you need to know to ensure the safety of the elderly, and what to do if they somehow become infected with COVID-19. Below mentioned are some COVID 19 safety guidelines for senior citizens.

COVID 19 Guidance for Senior Citizens

COVID-19 remains a major health concern among the elderlies. As per the reports, the rates of COVID-19 among senior citizens is higher than the younger aged people. Research is showing that 78% of the people who died were 65 years and older especially the ones with pre-existing medical conditions.  

Older Adults at Higher Risk Of Infection

For those who are at a higher risk of getting an infection due to medical conditions or old age, it’s important to stay alert and practise certain measures to decrease the risk of getting sick.

What Should You Do?

Oder people are underlying higher risk of infection. If you fall under a higher risk category, here are some steps to minimize the health risks.

Maintain Social Distancing - Whenever you step out, try to maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from the public.

Choose an open area for walking - Indoor spaces could be risker. Whenever you go out, choose an open area like parks which has proper air-flow.

Wear a Mask - Try to minimize going out in public but if it’s urgent, always wear a mask especially when it is difficult to maintain social distancing of 6 feet.

Develop a Care Plan - Developing a care plan for senior citizens is crucial during this uncertain time in the World. A care plan is a form that keeps a record of a person’s health conditions, history and current treatments.

Wash Your Hands Frequently - It is suggested to wash your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 sec and if that is not possible keep a bottle of sanitiser.

Clean and disinfect the surfaces - Frequently clean the touchpoints like tabletops, doorknobs which are touched multiple time.

Stay Updated - Don’t scare yourself believing in rumours. There is a lot of misleading information spreading around about COVID 19, stay informed and stay updated with the latest news.

COVID 19 Safety - Support The Older Members

If you love your family, it becomes your responsibility to take care of the older members of your house during this COVID 19. Stay in touch with them, talk to their care provider and monitor their health conditions frequently.

Home care is becoming increasingly popular and necessary at the same time for the older ones. And many people are looking for more opportunities to receive care in a safe, healthy and home environment. If you are one of them and looking for healthcare service in North Cyprus, then call us today. We would be happy to serve you!